neubloc neubloc is a U.S.-based, outsource software design and development firm that employs a unique Rightshore model, coupling the best of Nearshore design and project management with highly educated, experienced, and proven engineering resources Offshore.


ProximetryThe Proximetry Enterprise Management Platform is architected from its foundation to manage this diversity in the most demanding enterprise wireless applications and settings. The Proximetry toolset is designed to ease the complexity and deployment issues typically found in healthcare, retail, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense/military environments. The platform is supported by open APIs and toolkits which allow our clients to tightly integrate the management tools with custom devices and applications. All Proximetry products are developed with strict adherence to industry standards with performance driven by a "carrier class" mentality.

Novizio, Inc.

NovizioNovizio, Inc. specializes in XML publishing and run-time services, delivering training and knowledge to users while providing the right content, at the right time, and in the right format. Novizio offers knowledge products and services for large to medium corporations and academic institutions. The technology and products are differentiated in the marketplace because they are architected to work in either a standalone mode or in tight integration with an organization's existing investments in content management software and solutions.

Assist Cornerstone Technologies, Inc.

Assist Cornerstone TechnologiesAssist Cornerstone Ltd. provides a multi-channel commerce solution designed for today's direct merchandising and multi-channel retailing environments. Assist delivers a single source of integration for customer contact, order management, inventory, fulfillment, and accounting. Robust back-office software is integrated with front-end Internet services to deliver a core system for Internet, catalog, and call center channels. The Assist Cornerstone Ltd. was acquired from Cayenta, a subsidiary of The Titan Corporation (NYSE: TTN).

UTS Global, LLC

UTS GlobalUTS Global is the leading UNIX™ and Linux™ system software developer for the IBM mainframe and compatible systems market. They design, develop and deliver the industry's only native System V UNIX™ operating system for S/390 processors and most recently have moved this same proven technology to Linux. To date, the company markets the only native implementation of Unix System V operating system for the System/390 architecture.